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AdMax is a web directory that is available to help almost any business in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Ireland (Eire). The aim of AdMax is give greater visibility to British and Irish companies and businesses on the Internet.  How is this achieved?

  • The more sites and pages that link to your web site, the higher the ranking!  A major factor in the ranking of a web site on search engines is the number of other sites that link to your web site. 

  • The rankings of directories like AdMax are generally higher than those of standard web sites.  It is often easier to find the web site for a business by looking on a directory in a section for a specialist area.

  • A listing on AdMax can help a new web site get listed on search engines.

  • Many web sites are attractive to view, but do not contain the terms that users of the Internet are searching for.  An advert on AdMax is an excellent and easy way of including more search terms (for products and locations).

  • AdMax has been implemented using more text and less graphics to provide more content for search engines.

  • AdMax allows web sites to be listed as national or regional to attract the target customers.

  • AdMax reserves the right to remove or amend  listings that attract complaints from visitors.

  • AdMax provides no guarantee on the quality of service or products provided by the web sites listed.

Web sites listed are required to be of a suitable quality in terms of content and presentation. Companies of all sizes have requested a listing on AdMax, including some of the largest in the UK (Alliance Leicester, Cunard, Halfords).  Why not follow their example?

AdMax welcomes partnerships. Please contact AdMax if you are interested in working with us to promote your business.

AdMax is part of Kielder Connections Ltd, an information business that is based in Epsom, Surrey, England.